Get to know the new FIFTH Apprentices: Carla Watts

Carla joins us on a two year apprenticeship

By Esra Gurkan

Thursday, 19th of January 2023

This January, we’ve welcomed our next intake of apprentices to THE FIFTH. 

After the success of the first cohort last year, we’re proud to announce that Carla Watts and Laina Claydon are joining the agency on a two-year basis. 

They will spend their first six weeks getting to know how the whole agency works, joining each of the key departments that make up the business including Marketing, Strategy, Creative, Accounts, Talent Research and Talent Management. 

Equipped with a solid understanding of how each part of the business works and what they do, they will then join their respective team for the duration of their apprenticeship whilst also undertaking a Level 3 Digital Marketer (Social Media Pathway) course.

Carla, who will be joining THE FIFTH Talent, spoke to us about what made her apply – and the best content she’s consumed recently.

Can you describe yourself in a sentence or two for us?

I am 23 years old, from Surrey and have just completed a degree in history and politics. I am obsessed with all things social media and you’ll rarely see me without my phone (or a coffee!) in my hand! After falling in love with making content on Instagram and TikTok whilst I was at university, I knew that I wanted to have a career in the industry. 

What attracted you to the apprenticeship at THE FIFTH?

I have always had a passion for social media, but this became particularly apparent over lockdown when I started to grow my own social pages. I knew that I wanted a career in social media but was unsure where to start, especially as I had no qualifications in this sector. When I came across the apprenticeship at THE FIFTH on Linkedin, I could not believe my luck: it seemed like a dream come true! It was the perfect introduction to a career in social media as I would be working with an agency who had worked with very well-known brands, combined with having the opportunity to study for a Level 3 Digital Marketer course at the same time. 

Can you describe your perfect working day?

My perfect working day would be an early morning trip to get an oat milk vanilla latte and a catch-up with the team. Then a productive day of work, followed by a team-outing to the pub to unwind and relax.

Which social media channel do you use the most and why?

I definitely use Instagram the most, but TikTok is a close second! I have practically grown up with Instagram and have been posting for over ten years so definitely feel the most confident on there! You can usually find me on Instagram posting about mental health, body positivity and other fun lifestyle content. 

Are there any campaigns of ours that you’d have loved to have worked on and why? 

There are so many I would have loved to have worked on – it’s hard to pick just one! I think the Lucozade #positivechain campaign would have been amazing as I thought it had such an incredible message behind it, as well as being able to work with Maya Jama and Anthony Joshua. I am hoping they do a part two!

I am definitely excited to see what campaigns I get to work on over the next couple of years!

What would be a dream campaign or brand that you’d like to work on or with in the future?

Lounge Underwear would definitely be a dream brand to work with as I absolutely love how inclusive they are and how they promote body positivity! 

I would also love to work on a Coachella campaign after growing up watching all my favourite content creators go there every year. That would be a huge career achievement. 

Which content creator are you loving following at the moment and why? 

At the moment I am really enjoying Lauren Tiby on TikTok and Instagram. I love her fashion content and she is always my go-to for style inspiration! I also love how down to earth she is and find her get-ready-with-me videos comforting to watch. 

Who inspires you? This can be in your personal life, or on social 

One of my biggest inspirations is Matilda Djerf. Not only is she hair and outfit goals, she is such an authentic and down-to-earth content creator who spreads positivity on her social media. Matilda, and her partner, have also built a very successful business – Djerf Avenue – which is always ahead of the fashion trends whilst also being ethically manufactured and promotes sustainability by creating ‘timeless’ pieces. 

Lastly, tell us your favourite piece of content that you’ve consumed recently?

I love watching Olivia Kirkby’s TikTok as she is always so positive and helps me feel confident in my own body. I always watch her videos when I need cheering up!