The Fifth introduces first apprentices: Ellenia Panayiotou

Ellenia joins the fifth and tells us about her dream campaign

By Esra Gurkan

Wednesday, 17th of November 2021

This September, we welcomed our first ever apprentices to The Fifth agency. Since then, we’ve been delighted at how quickly they’ve integrated into the team and we wanted you to get to know them a little better. 

The apprenticeship scheme at The Fifth sees our apprentices spend the first 6 months getting to know how the whole agency works, joining each of the key departments that make up the agency including Creative, Sales, Talent and Campaigns.

After their first 6 months, we hope they will have a good understanding of how the agency works and what aspects of the different roles they enjoy or are interested in. At this point, they will join a team and spend the rest of their time specialising in this area, building on their experience and knowledge and gaining skills that they can include on their CV. 

Here, we meet Ellenia Panayiotou who has spoken to us about why she applied, what her dream campaign would be to work on and what she wants to get out of the apprenticeship.

Can you describe yourself in a sentence or two for us?

I think I am a very hard working, creative and family oriented person. 

What was your dream job growing up?

Ever since I was a child I have been interested in media, and having been captivated by the magic of films and television, I think I definitely wanted to work in the Film and TV industries. I slowly started expanding my knowledge of media at school and at university, which made me love marketing, and more specifically influencer marketing.

What attracted you to the apprenticeship at The Fifth?

I have been following The Fifth’s journey since the very beginning and was so excited by the opportunity to join when I saw the job ad. Something I really love about The Fifth is that we categorise talent through nine different faces of influence which means that instead of labelling creators as nano, micro, macro and mega etc, we focus on the creatives’ tone, talent, style and relationship with their audience rather than the number of their following (as this can be a vanity metric!).

I love that here at The Fifth, we advocate for favouring human relationships over automation and have a variety of talent signed to The Fifth Talent within different fields and pride ourselves on working with inclusive and diverse content creators.

Which social media channel do you use the most and why?

Hands down, it has to be Instagram. Between the variety of content formats and features, it’s an amazing tool to use to find up-and-coming music artists and content creators. It enables you to be inspired and inspire – whether you’re searching for fashion or makeup tips, a community to be a part of or food recipes – you’re guaranteed to find that on Instagram. 

Which social media channel do you like the least and why?

Even though I really love Twitter for its speed at which you can react to things, along with the funny and unfiltered content you can come across, it’s definitely a platform I use the least. I mainly use it as a news source (which I then fact check with reliable and established publications).

I think Twitter is an incredibly hard platform to master and so a lot of brands have struggled to articulate and deliver their messages effectively. I also think that Twitter is an echo chamber and therefore doesn’t allow as much room for growth or inspiration in comparison to platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. 

Are there any campaigns of ours that you’d have loved to have worked on and why? 

There are numerous campaigns that our agency has worked on that I really love, however, I think the Lucozade #POSITIVECHAIN campaign is one I would have loved to have been a part of. This is because in the advent of the digital age where it’s so easy to consume and be surrounded by so much negativity, I think this campaigns’ themes and chosen messaging were incredibly effective. I really appreciated the careful selection of talent and thought that the chosen creators of that calibre corresponded perfectly to Lucozade’s brand identity and target market. This was also an effective way to ‘normalise’ celebrities and hear them talk about things that we all think and go through. 

What would be a dream campaign or brand that you’d like to work on or with in the future?

I would definitely love the opportunity to work on or be a part of a Nike campaign because similarly to The Fifth, Nike has always tried to emphasise the importance of inclusivity and diversity and are considered to be leaders for this in the industry through not only the talent that they work with but also the products they offer. 

Which content creator are you loving following at the moment and why? 

I am an avid social media user and as a result I think who you follow and the content you consume is very important. I follow a great number of content creators and influencers who inspire me for a variety of reasons, but three of my favourites are: @kai_isaiah_jamal, @simran and the Fifth Talent’s very own @iza_szyszko. I have also recently started following @debrachosen, a London-based lifestyle and fashion content creator and podcast host – she shares thought provoking content to inspire and help people navigate their life journey.