the fifth introduces first apprentices to the team: meet nana frimpong

nana joins the fifth and tells us about her dream campaign to work on

By Esra Gurkan

Tuesday, 16th of November 2021

We were delighted to have our first ever apprentices join The Fifth agency in September this year. 

The apprenticeship scheme at The Fifth see our apprentices spend the first 6 months getting to know how the whole agency works, joining each of the key departments that make up the agency including Creative, Sales, Talent and Campaigns.

After their first 6 months, we hope they will have a good understanding of how the agency works and what aspects of the different roles they enjoy or are interested in. At this point, they will join a team and spend the rest of their time specialising in this area, building on their experience and knowledge and gaining skills that they can include on their CV. 

Here, we meet Nana Frimpong who has spoken to us about why she applied, what her dream campaign would be to work on and what she wants to get out of the apprenticeship.

Can you describe yourself in a sentence or two for us?

I would describe myself as an ambitious dreamer and a highly dedicated individual. I think in every stage of my life and in all my experiences I have always given my all and worked hard to succeed – and even if I did fail, I would always take on board the lesson learned and structure it to fit my next adventure.

What was your dream job growing up?

I had a slight obsession with Ugly Betty when I was younger, in particular Wilhelmina Slater, and dreamed of working for a fashion magazine. I collected Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar magazines and loved reading the celeb stories, latest fashion trends or beauty tips. I really wanted to become Anna Wintour’s protégé and then obviously take over from her as Editor and Chief!

What attracted you to the apprenticeship at The Fifth?

I originally applied for the role through Instagram; I saw the AD and was intrigued by the company. I looked at the Instagram page in more depth and loved the variety of talent that The Fifth had worked with as well as the campaigns.

The main attraction for myself was the wide scope of talent as I was then introduced to some new content creators to follow myself!

Which social media channel do you use the most and why?

I have two social channels that I interchangeably use on a daily basis; Instagram and TikTok. I religiously use Instagram to look at some of my favourite creators and also gain inspiration. I don’t like posting on Instagram but you can find me scrolling through my explore page, saving new cookie recipes or mentally taking notes of fashion tips for seasonal trends.

On TikTok, I often find myself laughing at the ridiculousness of the videos or attempting (and mostly failing) to recreate trending dance routines.

Which social media channel do you like the least and why?

Snapchat is my least favorite social media channel platform, despite loving their filters. Once upon a time when Snapchat was at the top of its game and Instagram had yet to introduce Stories, I was one of many who loved using the app. Although I still use it (mainly to look through my memories and relive some of my past antics), I don’t believe it serves the same purpose it did when it first came out and everyone was using the dog and flower crown filters.

Are there any campaigns of ours that you’d have loved to have worked on and why? 

I really liked exploring the TAG Heuer campaign and would have absolutely loved to have been a part of the campaign. Having seen some of the production shots and also looking at the list of talent that was involved, I would have loved to be part of the strategy behind the campaign as well as the creativity.

What would be a dream campaign or brand that you’d like to work on or with in the future?

I actually have two dream brands/campaigns I would love to work on or with in the future. The first one being Fenty Beauty/Savage Fenty/Fenty Eau de Parfum. I like Rihanna (and yes I am waiting for her to drop her album!) and all her work, and I also love seeing some of my favourite influencers create posts around her products. I think working on any aspect of this campaign would be a great achievement and a career highlight.

My second dream collaboration is to work on a Marvel campaign. I am a huge Marvel fan and love to work on a campaign to promote one of the Marvel series/movies.

Which content creator are you loving following at the moment and why? 

When choosing to follow a content creator, I don’t just look at their grid and see if it’s aesthetically pleasing but look at their content as a whole. I also like to follow wholesome, down to earth individuals. I recently followed Belgian content creator @Sileyls. I originally saw her content on TikTok and then became obsessed with her streetwear content, as well as her down to earth attitude when engaging with her followers.