The Challenge:

Eurostar took a modern approach to social content, however a lot of their content were recreations or reposted content that travel influencers make. And they were beginning to get lost in the noise in the process. 

The brand wanted to reclaim their voice in the travel market in order to become more favourable than seemingly more convenient and unsustainable competitors. 

City break makers, however, only saw their travel provider as a logistic and not as a part of their adventure. That needed to change. 

The Solution:

Gone are the days where city-breakers Googled articles about “Top 10 tourist things to do in London”. 

They want to experience the real culture and best unheard of spots – taking it in as a local would, and not like the tourist they actually are.


We developed Eurostar’s “local” voice by positioning them as the service that knows where the best kept secrets are. Working with creators from the 4 different hubs (London, Paris, Amsterda, and Brussels) we created the ultimate European travel guide. 

We gave Eurostar a unique social offering that turned travel content on its head – no longer viewing a city through a visitor’s POV, but seeing it through the eyes of a local instead.

The Outcome:

On Instagram, we smashed our engagement rate KPI. While these results for Instagram were fantastic, the real gains were made on LinkedIn. So far we’ve delivered 56 pieces of content, working with 18 local creators.

With such a radical change to Eurostar’s content, we were expecting to have to get audiences used to the new look and feel, with a more modest increase in engagement. 

However, seeing such a stark increase in these engagement rates immediately was incredibly encouraging and showed us that working with creators in unconventional ways such as this, really does pay off for brands. Eurostar were so happy with the results from the campaign, that they have extended the strategy and we are now creating content for the brand’s channels on an ongoing and continuous basis.

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