The challenge
As a part of the festive season, GBK challenged The Fifth to prove that Christmas dinner by GBK is ‘truly no1’ and encourage audiences to visit their local GBK restaurant. They wanted influencers to use their energy and passion for Christmas (and burgers) to create content that helps show that GBK’s take on a Christmas dinner is #BetterThanYourMum’s.

The solution
Our strategy and insight team discovered that one of the best things about Christmas is the food – and most importantly our mum’s cooking! We therefore challenged a select group of influencers to express their views, with a comedic and humorous tone, on who makes the best Christmas dinner: their mum or ‘the’ burger connoisseur GBK. Introducing #BetterThanYourMum, which lived across both Instagram and TikTok, the campaign gave our talents the chance to put their own comedic spin on the subject.

The outcome
This campaign was a great opportunity to challenge our own creativity and our talents’ in producing some amazing content for GBK, and prove to audiences that sometimes GBK food is #BetterThanYourMum’s.

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