KVD x Feel Unique


The Challenge
KVD Beauty challenged us to raise awareness of their launch on Feel Unique through key beauty influencers, ultimately driving sales of the fully restocked range.

The Solution
We identified key beauty talent who embody the KVD brand to create content to raise awareness of the KVD Beauty collection launching on Feel Unique.

With a focus on driving audiences to site to purchase, we supported all content with paid media amplification.

Talent were briefed to create additional paid assets to allow for us to have a broad bank of content to test various calls to action, formats, and messaging.

The Outcome
The content resulted in driving 8,384 clicks to the KVD Beauty landing page on Feel Unique (+68% increase vs. Target), and over 2.3 million impressions.

Our talent also delivered 13 pieces of additional content, including an additional Instagram Reel to raise awareness of the launch.

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