The Challenge
The Fifth was challenged by TAG Heuer to drive desirability of TAG Heuer Carrera watches by showcasing the heritage and quality of the product so that the consumer is happy to invest in the higher price point.

The Solution
We recruited influencers with very different stories to come together and show us how the most fashionable influencers on social media have fallen in love with the Carrera collection and shaped their style around the aspirational product.

Aiming to drive desirability, we created a wide range of content, including a 30 second film showing how fashion influencers of today have combined a mix of streetwear with luxury brands such as TAG Heuer, to create their most unique looks.

The video content used stunning visuals alongside high energy and personality, to allow our influencers to take on the avant-garde nature of the TAG Heuer brand and deliver a unique approach to their own luxury look.

Each influencer also created a fashion photography style carousel, showing off their watch within their unique outfit. We also used Instagram stories to go into further details on the watch with our talent, building a narrative around their luxury outfits, highlighting the watches heritage from La Carrera.

The Outcome
We over delivered on all KPIs and with over 220,000 likes, the photograph of actor Joe Cole wearing the TAG Heuer Carrera was his most liked post ever to date. The audience sentiment was also incredibly positive, both for Joe and the actual watch itself.

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