The Challenge
February 2020 saw the launch of the inaugural Life Lessons Festival by The Sunday Times. A weekend of big talks from big thinkers, the event showed us that wellbeing isn’t about lycra and fad diets but that when we are well-informed, have an open-mind and life lessons at our finger tips we can all live a happy, healthy and more inspired life. The Sunday Times asked The Fifth to help raise awareness and increase online engagement in the hope of driving ticket sales to the event.

The Solution
To boost the profile of the Life Lessons Festival, each talent created a short, frank series of social content that points a finger at a myth within the wellness space.

Call out a mythIf you could call ‘nonsense’ on one wellness fad what would it be? Cutting through the noise and debunking the myths our influencers called out parts of the wellness industry. Giving their audiences a taste of the festival in this insightful, bite-size content series.

One Life Lesson: Each influencer shared One “Life Lesson” with their followers, in whichever media is most appropriate for them, and asked them to do the same for their chance to win an extra ticket for a friend.

The Talent: For this campaign, we engaged Megan Jayne Crabbe, Poppy Jamie, Cherry Healey, Madeleine Olivia and Venetia Falconer. Each of these influencers champion mental wellbeing and some were speaking at the event.

The Outcome
The campaign hugely over delivered on media KPIs, achieving more than double the benchmarked volume of Impressions and Engagements whilst also driving direct ticket sales from the activation. The campaign was also incredibly well-engaged with by the talent themselves who collectively created 61 pieces of content when only contracted to produce 20.

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