The challenge
YouTube had the ambition to bring the most Gen Z-relevant, creative, and influential British influencers to the BRITs – making the 2022 BRITs experience a cultural moment where key players of the YouTube ecosystem came together to celebrate British music creativity.

The Fifth were asked to identify, brief, manage and contract these influencers to create YouTube Shorts, documenting their BRITs experience under YouTube’s #BRITsUnseen campaign wrapper.

The solution
Talent were shortlisted based on their affinity with the music industry, with a key focus being on selecting those who were endemic Shorts creators, Gen Z and making sure that the full cast over-indexed on diverse and inclusive voices. The creators selected were then placed into three separate buckets, or Tiers, that would allow them different opportunities to create content.

Creators across their Tiers had different deliverables but all had the task of bringing to life the BRITs experience at three different stages of the campaign: #GRWM & Predictions, BTS from BRITs and Next day compilation.

The outcome
We over-delivered on all of our KPIs for the campaign with the help of our 19 incredible content creators.

The BRITs event also allowed for Added Value content from creators as there was a great variety of opportunities to capture content: Red Carpet, fellow Creators, public figures and the BRITs event itself.

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