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The Fifth wins two blogosphere awards

We were the Beauty Creator Campaign Winners for our work with fenty beauty

By Esra Gurkan

Monday, 26th of September 2022

We’re absolutely over the moon to have won two awards at the Blogosphere Awards last week.

We were delighted to be announced as the Beauty Creator Campaign Winner for our collaboration with Fenty Beauty and their Fenty Icon Lipstick. A special shout out to the incredible creators ALICE x T, Danielle Marcan, Candice Brathwaite, Anchal, Ava Welsing-Kitcher, Alice Dickson, Michaela and Lisa Potter Dixon who helped bring this campaign to life. THE FIFTH’s Charlie RossFreya Sheard and Milan Charles also deserve a special mention for working tirelessly on the campaign and for sourcing the perfect creators.

Not only that, THE FIFTH TALENT’s creator Tasha Bailey also won Health and Wellbeing creator of the year. If you don’t follow her already, Tasha is a qualified therapist and creator who uses her Instagram platform to talk about all things mental health, anxiety and wellness.

Bringing a modern and intersectional perspective to the topic of wellness, Tasha openly reflects on her experiences as a Black British, plus-size woman navigating a field which lacks diversity. Tasha is passionate about systemic change for mental health and intersectionality, and enjoys working closely with brands to encourage this. As a qualified creative psychotherapist, she brings her expert knowledge to the social media space in a “real talk” way.

Congratulations to the Fenty Beauty team, to Tasha and to all nominees. What a night!

The Fifth talks community at cannes


By Esra Gurkan

Wednesday, 29th of June 2022

Last week, THE FIFTH held a lunch for leaders from across the industry to discuss what’s next for the creator economy.

Our guests joined us waterside in Antibes for an afternoon escape away from the mayhem of La Croisette and the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. 

One hotly debated topic during the lunch is what to call the people, animals and even robots we work with. One thing we all agreed on is that we’re clearly all too hung up on titles. ‘Creator’, ‘Influencer’, ‘Talent’, ‘Social Content Producer’ all have a place and each represent a category within the ecosystem.

Another subject heavily discussed was of course the #Metaverse. No one was in dispute over the fact that creators will be key to building it.

“Cannes confirmed what we have long known” explained THE FIFTH’s CEO Oliver Lewis, continuing, “creators will shape the future of creativity, disrupting traditional advertising as their cultural role strengthens across both real world and virtual”.

Reflecting further on Cannes-conversations Oliver said: “Community is often the word missing from conversations in influencer marketing meetings. Qualitative metrics will begin to overtake followers, impressions and engagement rates as the value of the craft is realised and paid media and brand channel asset generation become the primary vehicle for audience acquisition. In the near future, we will see transactional campaigns replaced with partnerships as creators establish themselves as brands in their own right, boosting creativity.

“The Metaverse is the word on everyone’s lips; it must be built by creators, not techies and big business, or the community will never arrive. The vision for the Metaverse should be one of inclusion, human connectivity and blended reality. Brands will increasingly lean on creators when building their experiences in the Metaverse, creating worlds that represent and reflect their communities.”

We’d like to say a big thank you to Meta’s Becky Owens, Brandtech Group’s Oliver Walls, Influencer Marketing Trade Body lead Scott Guthrie, The Barber Shop’s Dino Myers-Lamptey, New Digital Age’s Justin Pearse, Storyful’s Lisa McDonald and T Brand Studio’s Arif Durrani for your contributions. We’re looking forward to continuing the conversation at MAD//FEST LONDON next week! 

The Fifth wins four awards at the influencer Marketing Awards


By Esra Gurkan

Friday, 10th of June 2022

THE FIFTH has won four awards at the Influencer Marketing Awards 2022. 

🏆 GOLD for Best Cause-Led Campaign for our work with YouTube for Pride Month

🏆 GOLD for Best Use of YouTube for our work with YouTube for Pride Month

🏆 SILVER for Best Team in Influencer Marketing

🏆 BRONZE for Best Large Influencer Marketing Agency

It was an evening filled with good food, great company and huge celebrations all round. 

Describing why we were chosen as the winners for the Best Cause-Led Campaign category, the judges said we had an “Out of the box approach for a very relevant topic which is at the centre of a number of campaigns in the last months, well executed”. 

When talking about our Best Use of YouTube win, the judges commented: “What a fantastic campaign – bringing together diverse talents, creativity and a strong strategy, all with an important purpose. 

“The results speak for themselves. Well done YouTube and THE FIFTH!”. 

We are absolutely delighted with the results of the night and are happy that we were recognised for both the Best Team and Best Large Influencer Marketing Agency categories with Silver and Gold. 

As always, we want to say a big thank you to the entire FIFTH team for their hard word and to our clients for entrusting us to tell their brand’s story. 

It was a real joint effort and the awards were an amazing celebration of the work that we do. 

Congratulations to everybody who won and was shortlisted. What an industry to be a part of! 

The Fifth shortlisted for 6 imas

including best large influencer marketing agency

By Esra Gurkan

Thursday, 12th of May 2022

We’re absolutely delighted to be shortlisted for not one, not two or even three but SIX Influencer Marketing Awards this year.

Now in its 4th year, the Influencer Marketing Awards hosted by Talking Influence rewards and recognises brilliant campaigns, delivered creatively and transparently.

We’re incredibly proud of the hard working teams who worked across the campaigns and are grateful to our clients who put their trust in us to create effective, creative and inclusive collaborations.

The IMAs mission is to ‘reward individuals, teams and campaigns that have pushed boundaries, and above all delivered excellence across the board during the last 12 months’.

The awards, which were first established in 2018, span the breadth and depth of influencer marketing and the creator economy, and much like the industry, are constantly evolving.

Excitingly, The Fifth are shortlisted for every category entered and the categories and campaigns are as follows:

Best Cause-Led Campaign – THE FIFTH x YouTube Originals: Pride
Best Cause-Led Campaign – THE FIFTH x YouTube Originals X Don’t Panic: Seat at the Table
Best Food and Drink Campaign – THE FIFTH x Slim Chickens #ChickenOut
Best Use of YouTube – THE FIFTH x YouTube Originals: Pride
Best Large Influencer Marketing Agency – The Fifth
Best Team in Influencer Marketing – The Fifth

There is an international jury of experts and peers debating and determining who will take home gold, silver and bronze awards and we’re looking forward to the in-person awards ceremony that will be taking place in June at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in London.

Congratulations to everybody shortlisted.

To view the IMA shortlist in full, click here.

The Fifth agency is growing and going Stateside

And the creative agency is recruiting for a whole host of new and exciting roles

By Esra Gurkan

Friday, 8th of April 2022

It’s an exciting time for The Fifth! We’re hiring for a whole bunch of new roles here at the agency, both in London and… LOS ANGELES! That’s right. We’re going Stateside.

We are rapidly expanding our dynamic team, both here and in the US, and we are looking for some amazing new recruits to join us on the journey.

Three years since launch, the agency has seen rapid growth from its creative-led influencer marketing proposition and we’ve been lucky enough to work with brands including Disney, YouTube and Square. 

Building on this growth, we are now receiving a new round of investment from News UK to fund further expansion for domestic and international growth.

To manage this growth, The Fifth is restructuring its management team and we’re delighted to announce a series of key internal promotions:

Oliver Lewis, currently founder and MD, will become CEO and will lead the business across all markets and will be focussed on expansion into the US as well as the evolution of revenue streams within the booming creator economy.

Director of Operations and Marketing Jess Markwood will become COO to deliver the company’s strategic vision and 3 year growth plan, whilst helping shape a successful, diverse and rewarding culture for the agency.

Sam Coleman, currently Commercial Director, will become The Fifth’s Managing Director EMEA. Sam will lead the Fifth Agency in the UK and client services growth across the EMEA region.

All three will be supported by an expanded SLT including Katie Wallwork who continues to lead the award winning Fifth Talent business and Creative Director Candice Green.

Hayley Harrison, currently PA to Oliver Lewis and Campaign Manager, will also become EA to Oliver Lewis and PA to both Sam Coleman and Jess Markwood.

Olly Lewis, CEO of The Fifth, said: “Over the last 12 months we have continued to grow the business in line with our clients needs but we plan to double the size of the agency over the next six months. 

“As a result, it’s vital that our management team is structured to cater for that level of growth.  With fresh backing from News UK we’re in a position to turbocharge our expansion both domestically and internationally. 

“We’ve seen a fundamental shift in influencer marketing in the last couple of years as the industry matures and takes its place as an established part of the marketing mix. 

“Our mission to both professionalise and lead this space into the creative realm where we feel it belongs has positioned us well with major brands who are now investing significantly.  They want a trusted, transparent and forward thinking agency partner to support their influencer strategy and that’s what The Fifth delivers.”

To help take us to the next level, we’re hiring for a number of roles both here and in the US. 

We’re looking for talented, diverse and passionate people to join our vibrant team and help elevate the creative output of the agency. 

If you think that’s you, then find out more and apply here.

We invited audiences to #ChickenOut of Christmas

Here’s how we turned an influencer campaign into an out of home spectacle

By Joel Newman

Thursday, 13th of January 2021

For Christmas 2021, Slim Chickens came to us with some food for thought. They wanted us to show off their personality and put a smile on customers’ faces, spreading feel good vibes in a loud and bold way throughout the holiday period.

We found that our audience members like to live their lives on their terms, and that after a year of not seeing anyone, there were some people they simply hadn’t missed. And in amongst the seasonal chaos, the ‘you-do-you’ mentality central to our positive mental health can often be at risk of being lost. 

So with the power of self-love at the heart of it, we partnered with Slims (which is a part of the Boparan group) on a tongue-in-cheek mission to empower people to get their ‘me time’ back – by any means necessary!

Using Slims’ classic Southern charm and the warmest of open arms, we invited our audiences to #ChickenOut of unwanted Christmas plans.

Often used in a negative way, the term ‘chickening out’ is used to poke fun at a person who is nervous, timid or afraid of doing something. Turning this on its head, we decided to try something a little different. 

Using Slims’ classic Southern hospitality paired with an uplifting comedic tone of voice, we created a go-to-guide – a chicken’s checklist if you wish – to actually empower and encourage fans to cancel their plans, and enjoy their new-found free time in the safety of their local Slims outlet.

We brought to life Slims’ go-to-guide with the help of three influencer talent, each chosen for their incredible script writing, energy, and comedic timing. This helped them stand out from the rest of the Christmas noise and be our go-to leaders to inspire and empower our Chickens to take part in festive tranquility.

Once we’d enlisted the help of our Chicken leaders, we briefed them to create a series of hilarious and relatable festive skits, taking over our fan’s Instagram and TikTok feeds with “you-do-you hen” messaging, highlighting Slims locations as being the place where you can achieve the #ChickenOut sense of inner peace.

Our #ChickenOut messaging was extended to Slim’s other marketing channels, allowing us to scale our campaign even further and take the influencer campaign to new levels – championing the voices of our talent and turning them from festive sheep into true Chickens. 

Lastly, we broke the fourth wall between consumer and the digital world by elevating the reach of the campaign, and extending the influence of our talent, into the non-digital world through out of home (OOH) billboards – spreading the message of #ChickenOut to the masses and growing our audience in the process. 

Partnering with Ocean Outdoor, we leveled up our campaign using OOH as the perfect way to distribute our messaging to a wider audience, signposting Slim Chickens’ nearby new store in Nottingham, while keeping in line with the campaign tone of voice. This helped break out of the traditional viewership our social talent usually experience, and also tied in nicely with one of our objectives of increasing brand awareness. 

We wanted to create synonymy between the digital and OOH elements, and so featured one of our influencers on the billboard alongside the messaging itself. This enabled us to tie all of the different parts together to deliver a real 360 campaign.

All our content was created to inspire our Chickens to put themselves and their mental-wellbeing first this Christmas. And each video always ended with a delicious and mouth-watering chicken-filled shot of their delicious restaurant offerings.

Our campaign showed our audience that the best way to put themselves first this Christmas was to take pride in doing what makes you happy. Eat at Slims. And, of course, #ChickenOut of any plans you want. 

The Fifth introduces first apprentices: Ellenia Panayiotou

Ellenia joins the fifth and tells us about her dream campaign

By Esra Gurkan

Wednesday, 17th of November 2021

This September, we welcomed our first ever apprentices to The Fifth agency. Since then, we’ve been delighted at how quickly they’ve integrated into the team and we wanted you to get to know them a little better. 

The apprenticeship scheme at The Fifth sees our apprentices spend the first 6 months getting to know how the whole agency works, joining each of the key departments that make up the agency including Creative, Sales, Talent and Campaigns.

After their first 6 months, we hope they will have a good understanding of how the agency works and what aspects of the different roles they enjoy or are interested in. At this point, they will join a team and spend the rest of their time specialising in this area, building on their experience and knowledge and gaining skills that they can include on their CV. 

Here, we meet Ellenia Panayiotou who has spoken to us about why she applied, what her dream campaign would be to work on and what she wants to get out of the apprenticeship.

Can you describe yourself in a sentence or two for us?

I think I am a very hard working, creative and family oriented person. 

What was your dream job growing up?

Ever since I was a child I have been interested in media, and having been captivated by the magic of films and television, I think I definitely wanted to work in the Film and TV industries. I slowly started expanding my knowledge of media at school and at university, which made me love marketing, and more specifically influencer marketing.

What attracted you to the apprenticeship at The Fifth?

I have been following The Fifth’s journey since the very beginning and was so excited by the opportunity to join when I saw the job ad. Something I really love about The Fifth is that we categorise talent through nine different faces of influence which means that instead of labelling creators as nano, micro, macro and mega etc, we focus on the creatives’ tone, talent, style and relationship with their audience rather than the number of their following (as this can be a vanity metric!).

I love that here at The Fifth, we advocate for favouring human relationships over automation and have a variety of talent signed to The Fifth Talent within different fields and pride ourselves on working with inclusive and diverse content creators.

Which social media channel do you use the most and why?

Hands down, it has to be Instagram. Between the variety of content formats and features, it’s an amazing tool to use to find up-and-coming music artists and content creators. It enables you to be inspired and inspire – whether you’re searching for fashion or makeup tips, a community to be a part of or food recipes – you’re guaranteed to find that on Instagram. 

Which social media channel do you like the least and why?

Even though I really love Twitter for its speed at which you can react to things, along with the funny and unfiltered content you can come across, it’s definitely a platform I use the least. I mainly use it as a news source (which I then fact check with reliable and established publications).

I think Twitter is an incredibly hard platform to master and so a lot of brands have struggled to articulate and deliver their messages effectively. I also think that Twitter is an echo chamber and therefore doesn’t allow as much room for growth or inspiration in comparison to platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. 

Are there any campaigns of ours that you’d have loved to have worked on and why? 

There are numerous campaigns that our agency has worked on that I really love, however, I think the Lucozade #POSITIVECHAIN campaign is one I would have loved to have been a part of. This is because in the advent of the digital age where it’s so easy to consume and be surrounded by so much negativity, I think this campaigns’ themes and chosen messaging were incredibly effective. I really appreciated the careful selection of talent and thought that the chosen creators of that calibre corresponded perfectly to Lucozade’s brand identity and target market. This was also an effective way to ‘normalise’ celebrities and hear them talk about things that we all think and go through. 

What would be a dream campaign or brand that you’d like to work on or with in the future?

I would definitely love the opportunity to work on or be a part of a Nike campaign because similarly to The Fifth, Nike has always tried to emphasise the importance of inclusivity and diversity and are considered to be leaders for this in the industry through not only the talent that they work with but also the products they offer. 

Which content creator are you loving following at the moment and why? 

I am an avid social media user and as a result I think who you follow and the content you consume is very important. I follow a great number of content creators and influencers who inspire me for a variety of reasons, but three of my favourites are: @kai_isaiah_jamal, @simran and the Fifth Talent’s very own @iza_szyszko. I have also recently started following @debrachosen, a London-based lifestyle and fashion content creator and podcast host – she shares thought provoking content to inspire and help people navigate their life journey. 

the fifth introduces first apprentices to the team: meet nana frimpong

nana joins the fifth and tells us about her dream campaign to work on

By Esra Gurkan

Tuesday, 16th of November 2021

We were delighted to have our first ever apprentices join The Fifth agency in September this year. 

The apprenticeship scheme at The Fifth see our apprentices spend the first 6 months getting to know how the whole agency works, joining each of the key departments that make up the agency including Creative, Sales, Talent and Campaigns.

After their first 6 months, we hope they will have a good understanding of how the agency works and what aspects of the different roles they enjoy or are interested in. At this point, they will join a team and spend the rest of their time specialising in this area, building on their experience and knowledge and gaining skills that they can include on their CV. 

Here, we meet Nana Frimpong who has spoken to us about why she applied, what her dream campaign would be to work on and what she wants to get out of the apprenticeship.

Can you describe yourself in a sentence or two for us?

I would describe myself as an ambitious dreamer and a highly dedicated individual. I think in every stage of my life and in all my experiences I have always given my all and worked hard to succeed – and even if I did fail, I would always take on board the lesson learned and structure it to fit my next adventure.

What was your dream job growing up?

I had a slight obsession with Ugly Betty when I was younger, in particular Wilhelmina Slater, and dreamed of working for a fashion magazine. I collected Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar magazines and loved reading the celeb stories, latest fashion trends or beauty tips. I really wanted to become Anna Wintour’s protégé and then obviously take over from her as Editor and Chief!

What attracted you to the apprenticeship at The Fifth?

I originally applied for the role through Instagram; I saw the AD and was intrigued by the company. I looked at the Instagram page in more depth and loved the variety of talent that The Fifth had worked with as well as the campaigns.

The main attraction for myself was the wide scope of talent as I was then introduced to some new content creators to follow myself!

Which social media channel do you use the most and why?

I have two social channels that I interchangeably use on a daily basis; Instagram and TikTok. I religiously use Instagram to look at some of my favourite creators and also gain inspiration. I don’t like posting on Instagram but you can find me scrolling through my explore page, saving new cookie recipes or mentally taking notes of fashion tips for seasonal trends.

On TikTok, I often find myself laughing at the ridiculousness of the videos or attempting (and mostly failing) to recreate trending dance routines.

Which social media channel do you like the least and why?

Snapchat is my least favorite social media channel platform, despite loving their filters. Once upon a time when Snapchat was at the top of its game and Instagram had yet to introduce Stories, I was one of many who loved using the app. Although I still use it (mainly to look through my memories and relive some of my past antics), I don’t believe it serves the same purpose it did when it first came out and everyone was using the dog and flower crown filters.

Are there any campaigns of ours that you’d have loved to have worked on and why? 

I really liked exploring the TAG Heuer campaign and would have absolutely loved to have been a part of the campaign. Having seen some of the production shots and also looking at the list of talent that was involved, I would have loved to be part of the strategy behind the campaign as well as the creativity.

What would be a dream campaign or brand that you’d like to work on or with in the future?

I actually have two dream brands/campaigns I would love to work on or with in the future. The first one being Fenty Beauty/Savage Fenty/Fenty Eau de Parfum. I like Rihanna (and yes I am waiting for her to drop her album!) and all her work, and I also love seeing some of my favourite influencers create posts around her products. I think working on any aspect of this campaign would be a great achievement and a career highlight.

My second dream collaboration is to work on a Marvel campaign. I am a huge Marvel fan and love to work on a campaign to promote one of the Marvel series/movies.

Which content creator are you loving following at the moment and why? 

When choosing to follow a content creator, I don’t just look at their grid and see if it’s aesthetically pleasing but look at their content as a whole. I also like to follow wholesome, down to earth individuals. I recently followed Belgian content creator @Sileyls. I originally saw her content on TikTok and then became obsessed with her streetwear content, as well as her down to earth attitude when engaging with her followers.

The Fifth launches trade body for influencer marketing

The IMTB is a professional membership body for influencer marketing agencies

By Esra Gurkan

Tuesday, 26th of October 2021

Last week, Influencer Marketing Advisor Scott Guthrie announced that the Influencer Marketing Trade Body has launched.

The IMTB is a professional membership body for influencer marketing agencies and influencer marketing platforms. It’s dedicated to building a robust, sustainable future for the influencer marketing industry.

This is a huge step forward in our continued quest for professionalism, ethics and standards. And we are so proud that The Fifth is a founding Board Member of the IMTB alongside Whalar, Ogilvy, TAKUMI, INCA and Tagger.

What are the aims of the IMTB?


All members are bound by our Code of Conduct, Memorandum of Association and bye-laws to protect our clients and promote the reputation of our industry to society at large. 


The IMTB is overseen by a Board of Management. Comprised of senior industry leaders, the Board ensures that the IMTB operates in the best interests of its members, the industry and society at large. 

Unified voice

We consult with our members to ensure they are heard and represented. We then define and articulate that unified voice to politicians, policymakers, publications, and the public.

Sharing best practice

We seek to strengthen relationships with educators, adjacent industry bodies and regulators to share industry best practice.

We are so excited that the influencer marketing industry is coming together to make a change and we’re looking forward to forging a closer tie with regulators and working to ensure we are a fairer, more respectful and inclusive space for creators. 

Find out more via the IMTB website