HUN Wines

The Challenge
New premium wine-in-a-can company HUN tasked us to create a brand strategy with influencers at the heart of it. In the absence of summer festivals, HUN were looking for alternative ways to become instantly famous with millennials whilst celebrating those confident enough to be unique.

The Solution
In order to make the brand go viral overnight with a small budget, we created the #HUNdredSociety; an exclusive group of 10 handpicked HUN-fluencers, from a range of subcultures including drag, illustration, girl bosses, body empowerment, veganism and more ready to make the product a hit within their unique communities. 

The #HUNdredSociety saw a series of unique talent play their part in delivering HUN to the first hundred people with exclusive cans to give away. Each of our talent built hype around the launch by engaging their community through a niche topic that resonated with their following, driving virality by ensuring popularity within many small online communities. 

Our talent ran personalised competitions that gave their followers the chance to show-off their own HUNness for a chance to win, joining the brand ethic of celebrating unique personalities.

The Outcome
A hugely successful launch campaign that over-delivered on all KPI’s as well as driving positive sentiment for HUN. This campaign subsequently went on to win the Best New Product or Launch Campaign award at the Digiday Marketing and Advertising Awards Europe.

True Reach
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True Reach
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