The challenge
YouTube had the ambition to bring the most Gen Z-relevant, creative, and influential British influencers to the BRITs – making the 2022 BRITs experience a cultural moment where key players of the YouTube ecosystem came together to celebrate British music creativity.  

The Fifth were asked to identify, brief, manage and contract these influencers to create YouTube Shorts, documenting their BRITs experience under YouTube’s #BRITsUnseen campaign wrapper.

The solution
Talent were shortlisted based on their affinity with the music industry, with a key focus being on selecting those who were endemic Shorts creators, Gen Z and making sure that the full cast over-indexed on diverse and inclusive voices. The creators selected were then placed into three separate buckets, or Tiers, that would allow them different opportunities to create content.   

Creators across their Tiers had different deliverables but all had the task of bringing to life the BRITs experience at three different stages of the campaign: #GRWM & Predictions, BTS from BRITs and Next day compilation.

The outcome
We over-delivered on all of our KPIs for the campaign and with the help of 19 creators, we were able to achieve 8,300,000 video views, 122 pieces of content, a 13.88% engagement rate and a cost per view of £0.02. 

The BRITs event also allowed for Added Value content from creators as there was a great variety of opportunities to capture content: Red Carpet, fellow Creators, public figures and the BRITs event itself.

Video Views
Cost per view


The challenge
YouTube launched an original series, Seat At The Table with Jack Harries, about sustainability and climate change and wanted to work with a selection of influencers to promote the new programme. 

Understanding the importance of climate change, we wanted the campaign to be truly authentic and for talents to share their own thoughts and experiences on the topic whilst promoting the series.

The solution
We selected talent from different communities who were experts in this area to create short form videos promoting the series. The content sat on Instagram Stories and their Instagram grids, as well as TikTok. The content linked very well to the COP26 meeting which was taking place at the same time, and assisted in pushing the conversation further, thus encouraging the audience to tune into the YouTube original series. 

We worked with Poppy Okotcha as the face of the campaign. Poppy was invited by YouTube and Cheshire Wildlife to help install a poster made with seeds and sustainable paper, which will help transform 50 acres of land into a wildlife haven. 

The outcome
We delivered on our KPI’s with over 500,000 impressions and nearly 600,000 engagements, and successfully helped educate and strike conversation about sustainability and climate change.



The Challenge
Square came to us to help drive consideration for their products, with a specific focus on their Square Online products. With tough competition, we needed to help Square stand out and show exactly how they can help small businesses start, run and grow.

The Solution
The influencer space is filled with entrepreneurs and business leaders, all sharing their journeys and providing advice to their followers. To tap in to these voices, we developed a campaign called #SquareByIt whereby we asked influential SME owners and entrepreneurs to share their own valuable experiences and guidance to help inspire other SME owners. 

Discussing what they’ve learnt through their own digital journey, our talent laid out the advice they swear by through relatable yet educational content. Bringings to life the impact Square has had for their business and the need for a digital set up ultimately showing their followers why they #SquareByIt.

The Outcome
A relatable yet educational campaign that inspired the next generation of Square sellers to ‘get digital’ with Square.


True Reach
Website Visits


The Challenge
DELL asked The Fifth to amplify their digital strategy in order to promote two DELL business-led platforms.

The Fifth aimed to do this through an influencer-led video campaign targeting business owners, or people thinking about starting their own business.

Throughout the campaign, influencers explored the challenges modern entrepreneurs face when starting, running or growing their small business and the benefits of having support networks such as DELL Technologies Advisors and the DELL Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN).

The Solution
Throughout 2020, The Fifth approached multiple entrepreneurs with the aim of asking them to partner with Dell to promote two key services – Dell Technologies Advisors and the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network. Talent created short films in which we saw successful male and female entrepreneurs taking us through what makes them successful, and how tech support, such as that which Dell provides, is a huge part of that.

The Outcome
The campaign rebooked in every Quarter of 2020, over acheiving on KPIs and constantly improving on the previous Quarter’s activity.



The Challenge
Kitly launched their new app in the UK, and wanted to work with a selection of talent to build professional, customisable and live media kits for content creators and talent.

We wanted talent to demonstrate why they felt Kitly was helpful to them and their business, as well as why they felt it would be helpful to others.

The Solution
Talent were contracted to post x3 sets of Instagram Stories [x3 frames per story] across a three week period, alongside the creation of a story highlight which they were asked to populate with both organic and contracted content.

Across each of the three weeks, talent were asked to share a problem they have faced whilst running their business, such as poor time management, a lack of organisation or problems creating invoices, before showing how Kitly had become the solution to those previous problems.

The Outcome
The campaign was a success, with highlights including 1,964 link clicks, 2,372,998 impressions and over 200 talent posts!

Talent Posts
Link Clicks

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