Trendsetters: the 90’s Baby Show – Sharing A Platform & Creating A Network

90’s Baby Network

By Milan Charles

Thursday, 26th of November 2020

Meet Temi, Fred and VP, the “big brothers” leading the way in the future of podcasting and creating a YouTube Network. They are setting the example within the industry that ‘everyone can win’ by sharing their rapidly growing platform with other creatives and aspiring content creators.

The 90’s Baby Show is “a podcast exploring the mind of the 90’s baby in an ever-changing society”. Each week, Fred Santana and Temi Alchemy, with VP behind the camera discuss topical world issues and personal life developments, educating each other and their audience along the way. The 90’s babies are attempting to bridge the gap between younger and older generations, men and women, the rich and the poor, whilst trying to unpick life’s unanswered questions. 

They’re also regularly joined by an amazing lineup of guests which has included podcasters Poet and Audrey Indome, YouTubers Annie Drea and Nella Rose, Love Island winner Amber Rose Gill and chart topping musician Yungen.

Fred, Temi and VP have created something to truly be proud of, discussing topics that range from mortgages to holiday destinations, parenting and job applications to hood politics. There is, however, a recurring question that the boys always seem to return to: “What can we do?”. They want to know how they can make a change, and what can be done about racial, sexual, gender and financial inequality – particularly within the Black British community. 

Their answer is to become the change they want to see in the world, which is what led them to create the 90’s Baby Network.

The former 90’s Baby Show YouTube channel that housed the podcast’s visual assets became the 90’s Baby Network, a platform showcasing an “array of honest original content from content creators across the globe”. Temi, Fred and VP released an open invitation appealing to aspiring creatives, asking them to share their pilot content ideas to be in with a chance of joining the network. 

Over the past 6 or so months, the network has grown rapidly, housing a plethora of podcasts and content on subjects such as politics, religion, fashion, music, gaming, art and the list goes on. And it doesn’t stop there, they’ve also hosted several live shows and brunches, an Apple masterclass and have launched their own 90’s Baby merch.

This week, the boys celebrated their 200th 90’s Baby Show episode, and used this milestone as a way to further propel their community and listeners. The opening of the episode was, for example, dedicated solely to shouting out and promoting small and developing black businesses. It’s this genuine admiration and love of their community which sets them apart from other podcasts and networks. 

Still a relatively small platform with such big ideas and so much potential to grow and develop, the future certainly is bright for Fred, Temi and VP. Role models for younger generations and even those who appear to have already ‘made it’, these 90’s babies will soon reep the sweet benefits of creating a platform that everyone can grow from. 

The 90’s Baby Show releases content every Monday on all major podcast streaming platforms. If you would like to be in with a chance of joining their network, be sure to send in your pilot plan to