Trendsetters: is snapchat a dating app?

“Can i get your snap?” the line that begins many a love story

By Milan Charles

Wednesday, 5th of April 2023

Snapchat, also known as ‘Snap’ among its users, emerged as a social media app that offered a unique alternative to text messaging. Its popularity soared in the mid-2010s, particularly among younger users, who found it to be an ideal platform for communication. 

The app’s primary feature is that any media, be it a picture, video, or message (or ‘snap’), can only be viewed by the recipient for a limited time before it disappears. This temporary nature of Snapchat was intended to promote more authentic interactions.

Snapchat has, however, evolved beyond its original purpose and transformed how we communicate online. It is now much more than just a media-sharing service and can even help you find your perfect match. 

Snapchat dating has emerged as a new way for modern teens and young adults to navigate the dating scene in the digital age. By facilitating intimate and immediate multimedia conversations, Snapchat surpasses the limitations of conventional dating apps. Here’s how:

@haleyybaylee And he didn’t even snap me back. 😭#snapchat ♬ Sonic - MoneyGamer

The Intimacy Bubble

Snapchat’s approach to privacy is highly personalised and designed to safeguard users’ content. The app allows users to customise individual ‘snaps’ to disappear in as little as one second or as long as 24 hours, ensuring that their content is not available permanently. Additionally, the app notifies users when someone takes a screenshot or saves their snaps. Snapchat also uses encryption for all photos and videos sent within the app, providing an additional layer of security.

As a result, users feel a sense of safety on the platform, knowing that their private thoughts and feelings can never be saved or shared without their knowledge. This sense of security is especially important given that social media platforms are often geared towards a larger public audience. Snapchat’s direct line of communication, however, enables users to share their most genuine and innermost feelings in a controlled and contained environment, making it an ideal platform for private and personal conversations.

Context in Communication

Snapchat offers a unique advantage when it comes to communicating with your partner. The app’s multimedia ‘snaps’ allow you to contextualise your thoughts and feelings through a range of formats such as video, voice messages, text notes, selfies and Bitmojis.

This provides a high degree of precision in your communication, ensuring that your partner understands your intentions exactly as you mean them to be. Whether you’re teasing, flirting or pouring your heart out, the multimedia format allows you to express yourself authentically.

In contrast, texting can often feel awkward and limiting. Snapchat’s informal and playful environment makes flirting and getting to know a new potential partner more fun and low-pressure. With face filters, backgrounds, games, chats, and cute selfies, the possibilities for playful interactions are endless. This makes Snapchat an ideal platform for those who want to build a connection with their partner more naturally and enjoyably.

The Snap Map

The Snap Map is a feature that allows Snapchat users to share their location on a digital map with others. When using the Snap Map for the first time, users have the option to choose who can view their current location, providing a sense of control over their privacy.

The Snap Map provides a useful tool for discovering interesting people in their local area, helping users to expand their social circle and make new connections. By customising the settings, users can choose which contacts can see their precise location, ensuring that their privacy is protected while still enabling them to connect with others in a meaningful way.

Overall, the Snap Map offers a unique way to connect with others and explore new opportunities in your local area, while still providing the necessary tools to maintain your privacy and security. Whether you’re looking to make new friends or find someone special, The Snap Map can help you achieve your goals in a safe and controlled way.

Long-Distance Doesn’t Exist

Dating on Snapchat has revolutionised how we bridge physical space in long-distance relationships. The app provides the necessary tools to have a three-dimensional relationship with a faraway lover, enabling partners to feel connected in a way that distance has never allowed before. While phone calls and text messages are limited in their ability to convey emotions and experiences, Snapchat’s personalised videos of you in your everyday life, walking the dog or having breakfast enable your partner to feel like they are there with you.

This creates a new level of intimacy in long-distance relationships, as partners are able to share moments and experiences in a more momentous and original way. With Snapchat, physical distance is no longer a barrier to building a strong and healthy relationship. It allows couples to stay connected and engaged in each other’s lives, fostering a sense of closeness that can help strengthen the bond between partners.

In conclusion, Snapchat has evolved from its original purpose as a media-sharing app and has become a valuable tool for modern dating. Its personalised approach to privacy, multimedia communication format, and the Snap Map feature have all contributed to making Snapchat an ideal platform for private and personal conversations, low-pressure flirting, expanding social circles, and bridging the physical space in long-distance relationships. By providing a safe and controlled environment for intimate and immediate conversations, Snapchat has transformed the way we navigate the dating scene in the digital age.