Influence is different. so are we.

We help brands with deep expertise in social-out immersive storytelling. We propagate influence and incite culture.

People over everything. We believe in human-centered, fully immersive storytelling. We believe all mediums & all messages are intensified as they proliferate through influencer, creator, and social platforms. We believe everything is social. We believe in creating fandoms instead of chasing trends. We believe conventions are ours to define, not follow. We believe every brand’s content should be influential and every brand can be an influencer. These beliefs shift perspectives, build authenticity, credibility, and influence across every touchpoint. Our beliefs not only define us, they define the future.

Budgets and thinking reserved for broadcast And traditional media. Social is an after thought despite it being where those ads source creativity.

Take This
And Flip It

Our inverted pyramid is built around our social-out philosophy. since influence is built on social platforms, our thinking starts there. The birthplace of cultural phenomena. Now everything, even broadcast, is social.

Everything is social.
So we’re ready for anything.

We bring expertise and nuanced execution to life for brand partners that can only be made by a team entrenched in the same communities, conversations and movements we’re here to shape. Insights born from firsthand experience.

A global collective of non-mainstream journalists, bloggers, influencers, activists, non-traditional trendsetters and creators steer relevance within the zeitgeist. Brands must authentically utilize these channels, known as The Fifth Estate, to effectively reach their desired audience. Our agency is uniquely purpose-built with all the nuance of cultural influence. We don’t simply understand The Fifth Estate, we are THE FIFTH.



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