Trendsetters: Gen Z on Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform to experiment and explore

By Milan Charles

Thursday, 1st of April 2021

Every month, over 400 million people turn to Pinterest for inspiration. Whether it’s crafting, cooking or party planning, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. 

Pinterest quickly became a cultural phenomenon shortly after its launch in March of 2010, its key demographic being Millennials and Gen Xers looking for DIY hacks, interior decorating tips, and wedding planning inspiration. Now, alongside Instagram and TikTok, Gen Z is descending on Pinterest as well – primarily for its fashion prowess. 

Pinterest has always been for everyone. Women have largely made up the majority of its users (more than 60% of the platform’s users globally, in fact) but for many of its younger users, across all genders, Pinterest is a platform to experiment and explore.

Spend five minutes on a TikTok ‘for you page’ or a quick scroll through YouTubes recommendations and you should come across a variety of videos where users recreate ‘Pinterest outfits’. Instagram-based Gen Z creators like @oliviagraceherring are also known to create ‘Pinterest Inspired’ Reels content, showcasing their evolving personal style. Other creators such as YouTube-first duo @sophiatuxford and @cinziabayliszullo have shown how they use Pinterest to inspire their Instagram content and interior design style. On TikTok especially, when fashion content goes viral the comments are often flooded with requests for the creators’ Pinterest account.

Aesthetics are more important than ever for Gen Z, according to Enid Hwang, Pinterest’s community marketing manager, with the search for the word ‘aesthetic’ ranking 447% more frequent amongst Gen Z than with Millennials. Gen Z’s journey to discover their identity is ever present. It’s evident that with this image sharing app, the younger generation is creating boards that reflect their dream lifestyle, along with how they wish to dress and present themselves.

Type any aesthetic keyword into Pinterest’s search bar and you’ll find yourself flooded not only with fashion inspiration but a fully developed mood board, complete with accompanying exteriors and It girls who epitomize the style. Just about every time period, “vibe”, and niche has been compartmentalized with characteristic color palettes and key pieces. From cottagecore to streetwear, e-girl to Y2K, Pinterest makes the process of discovering your style effortless and easy for its Gen Z users.

Unlike TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, Pinterest serves as a space for personal exploration in a similar way to Tumblr during its early 2010 peak. In the absence of the added pressures of likes and comments, and without the added need to create and post original content, users can submerge themselves into new personal tastes, and use it as an opportunity for self-reflection without fear of judgement.