Trendsetters: The rise of the Vox Pop

The street-style content taking over your FYP

By Nana Akosua Frimpong

Friday, 23rd of December 2022

A vox pop is a short video made up of clips taken from interviews with members of the public. The vox pop, which comes from Latin and translates to mean ‘voice of the people’, is often used to gather audience insights and opinions on any given subject – and will undoubtedly have been all over your For You page recently. With over 240 million views on TikTok and counting, the hashtag #voxpop has become one of the most popular trending content on the platform. 

A vox pop is known to be used in traditional journalism as a form of getting news from the ‘man on the street’, and can be used for numerous reasons such as testing public opinions, influencing decision-makers, stimulating public debates or promoting radio, TV or even newspapers. 

Creators such as Kofi McCalla have, however, demonstrated on their channel that vox pop or street-style interviews can be used purely for entertainment. In keeping with the style of content that is usually seen on TikTok, vox pops fit perfectly as they’re quick, engaging, occasionally educational but most importantly, entertaining.

Now, more and more creators are starting to adopt this style of content. It is becoming particularly popular within the lifestyle, beauty and fashion community. Creators like World Microphone Ldn travel all over the world asking people on the streets of London, Milan and even China about what they are wearing. 

‘What are you listening to?’ is one of the most popular forms of vox pop content, with creator Joshua Robinson aka Oshu Clips restyling the content to ask people on the streets: ‘what is your favourite song?’. 

Some brands have clearly seen the benefits of this short form interview style. A vox pop is an effective way of building brand awareness in an entertaining and informative manner, and allows brands to promote their product or service without having it feel like an #AD piece on the timeline. 

Branston is an excellent example of a brand utilising vox pop-style content to engage with its audience. They took their new product ‘brantonnaisse’ to the streets of Glasgow, London and Cardiff, asking people for their taste opinion. 

Burberry has even collaborated with creator Hunter Prosper on a series of content for the brand’s TikTok page. In a series called ‘Stories from a stranger’, Hunter interviews people on the streets, asking them life questions such as ‘who is your greatest love and why?’. The street style series has garnered an average of 3 million views on the brands’ page. 

Vox style, or better known as street interview, content is just as popular within the UK as it is within EMEA and across the pond in the US.

Parisian clothing store, Sézane, has been using vox-style content in the form of a challenge. They go around asking people on the streets of Paris, and most recently San Francisco, ‘Do you speak Sézane?’. After pronouncing a few easy French terms, participants receive ‘un cadeau’ (a gift).

Social creative agencies have also jumped on board the street style interview trend, with THE FIFTH taking to the office to interview colleagues.

Interestingly, creators are evolving the format of the vox pop, adding their own creative flair, and this is a trend that is likely to stay all through 2023. With different variations always forming, brands should utilise this trend by working with expert creators to maximise their brand awareness and engagement. 

Would you take part in a street style interview when stopped on the streets?