The Fifth Brand Clients

Strategy and Insight

Our strategic process combines the objectivity of
AI and data with the intelligence and empathy of
human nuance, developing creative and social strategies
unique to our clients and their challenges.


We lead with big ideas that are born
from social and reflect the cultural
behaviours of our audiences. With
our unique formula for creating
influential content, we leverage our
clients cultural fluency, supercharging
the influence of their social presence.

Influencer Partnerships

Our team of social and influencer experts develop, manage
manage and execute ambassadorial programmes,
influencer campaigns, gifting and logistics.

As a co-founder of the IMTB (Influencer Marketing
Trade Body), we are leaders in standards, social ethics
and professionalism; we pride ourselves on a fully
transparent and accountable relationship with clients
and creators. Using our Art + Science approach,
we research, profile and authenticate influencers,
creators, talent and their audiences to ensure you truly
know who you are partnering with.


Social content should play an integral part in your
wider marketing strategy. In our unique position
being backed by News UK, we are well versed in
repurposing or creating new assets from influencer
and social content to be targeted to new audiences
across a range of channels and formats.

As a standard we license content for use across all
social platforms, converting the assets and amplifying
your campaign using paid media.


We use a combination of proprietary tech and best
in class measurement partners to apply a range of
personalised methodologies to prove the effectiveness of your
social media campaigns. These include AI audits, brand studies,
social listening, focus groups and surveys, as well as direct API
access to all of the key social platforms to ensure we are supplying
first-party data for their social and influencer campaigns.


Our in-house capabilities and global network of production partners (including influencers and content creators) enable us to produce stand out content that brings the creative idea to life. Whether that be through illustration, animation, video or photography.

Music Licensing

A catchy, identifiable sound is one of the main formulas for making a video on social media go viral. Our dedicated music and audio team have the tools and expertise to identify and licence tracks for your content that will work for your brand and audience.

We have access to the most exciting music publishers, record labels and production music houses to bring you both the hottest emerging artists and the catalogue monster hits.