The Fifth Brand Clients


From brand purpose to social commerce we plan with
insight, cultural and platform trends to drive towards
your primary marketing objectives.

We are experienced in delivering full service strategy
from media through to creative to connect talent to
your wider marketing plan.


Our ideas can be big enough to define brands or
reactive enough to fit into the bigger picture. We’ll
work with you to understand your brief and how we can
help you achieve your objectives, taking the time to
understand your challenges and develop a strategy that
considers brand purpose, consumer behaviours,
platform innovation and cultural trends
and movements.


Using Art and Science we handpick, research, profile and authenticate
talent and their audiences from across mainstream and digital disciplines
to identify the right match for your brand. Reach does not equal Influence.

We cherish authenticity, prioritising those showcasing a talent and a
distinctive, original voice. Instead of micro, macro and celebrity,
we have redefined talent through nine faces
of influence.

Tailored service

We deliver a level of support that reflects your
objectives: We work with talent to create their own
assets, reflective of their unique style, and in a format
that is recognisable to their followers; or we have an
in-house production team to deliver premium,
brand-led content that has a consistent look and feel.

As a standard level of service, our experienced team
take on the heavy lifting of your talent activations from
art direction, talent briefing and copywriting to
negotiation, contracting, reporting, ambassadorial
programmes, gifting and product shipping.


Influencer content can play a more integral part of your
above the line and wider marketing strategy. In our
unique position being backed by News UK, we are well
versed in repurposing or creating new assets from
influencer content to be targeted to new audiences
across a range of channels and formats.

As a standard we license content for use across all
social platforms, converting the assets and amplifying
your campaign using paid media boosted from the
talent’s own channels.


Measuring and proving the effectiveness of an
influencer marketing campaign is a vital part of our
mission to professionalise the industry.

Through our exclusive partnership with Kitly, results are
monitored in real-time with first party data direct from
social platform APIs. To go one step further, we use
brand effectiveness studies to gauge the overall impact
a piece of content has had on an audience to shift
or consideration.

We utilise social listening to establish a set of
deep-level influencer strength metrics, applying a
unique methodology, as well as to monitor organic
coverage across our brand ambassadorial programmes.


We are a part of News Corp globally. We execute
multi-market campaigns, enhancing your activations
with global logistics, localised strategy, cultural insight
& talent management.

We adhere to advertising standards within each market
and we translate talent contracts into local languages
to ensure compliance.

Music branding

A catchy, identifiable sound is one of the main formulas for making
a video trend go viral on TikTok and Instagram Reels. Our
dedicated music experts have the tools and expertise to identify
and license the tracks that will work for your brand and audience.