The Challenge:

We needed to build an influencer campaign that would drive awareness of the new series of UKTV’s Delivering Babies being back on our screens. 

The challenge was to reignite the excitement of previous viewers of the show, as well as resonate with soon-to-be new fans and get them not only watching but talking about it.

The Solution:

We created a safe hub of discussion about the realistic and raw moments of birth using Delivering Babies as the catalyst. 

We wanted to share the unexpected moments of delivery and pregnancy to shed light on truths for what can be a confusing and emotional time for mums-to-be.

The Outcome:

Our goal was to create a safe space and community for expecting and existing parents to share their experiences of childbirth which is exactly what we achieved!

Our ‘ADD YOURS’ sticker, shared via Instagram Stories, reached 15,000 people at one time and over 16,000 link clicks to watch the new season of Emma Willis: Delivering Babies.

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